Podcast Production


Hologram ProductionsHi there, I’m Alex Knight, an audio engineer and broadcaster. I studied audio engineering at Douglas College in British Columbia Canada, graduated with a diploma from BCIT in the Radio Arts & Entertainment program, and have 15 years of experience in recording, mixing, and mastering.

Podcast Production Rates

  • $130 flat rate per episode (for 1 hour of audio).
  • $180 per episode (2+ hours).

Now keep in mind these rates are not based on hourly work. If you have a one hour recorded podcast, it can take two hours to edit it, depending on the quality of the recording and how much editing is needed for clarity, flow, and mastering. A two hour podcast usually takes between 2-3 hours to meticulously edit.

The following services are included in the production work:

  • Editing out stammering, awkward long silence, heavy breaths, plosives, lip smacking, background noise, “ya know, like, ums,” and other superfluous phrases
  • Keep the narrative flow by making good editing decisions about what content to keep and what to remove
  • Audio mixing/mastering, including checking for phase, multi-host volume balance, equalization, compression, broadband noise reduction, hiss/hum/click/pop removal
  • Setting the perceived loudness to -16 LUFS, a widely adopted and recognized internet, mobile, and podcast distribution level
  • Inserting any provided branding elements such as station IDs, advertisements, and jingles into your podcast
  • Adding album art, title, SEO tags, and podcast chapters (if requested)
  • Delivering completed high-quality stereo MP3

Turnaround Time Per Episode – 48 hours (or less)

Please contact me and let me know what your unique needs are. I’d love to work with you.