Audiobook Mastering


The rate is $80/hour. Here are some examples of potential costs, based on popular lengths of audiobooks:

Audible uses an average rate of speed of 155 words a minute, or 9300 words per finished hour.

  • 65,000 words: $520
  • 93,000 words: $800

Here’s a breakdown of what is done in the mastering process:

  • Processing: compression, equalization, phase correction, broadband noise reduction, plosives, de-essing/eshing, excessive mouth noise (clicks, breaths)
  • Comping: compiling the best of each take
  • Delivery of final product in compatible audio file format (WAV, MP3)

Turnaround Time demo – two weeks (or less)

Please contact me and let me know what your unique needs are. I’d love to work with you.