Hologram Radio Podcasts


Hologram Radio was founded in October 2015 by Alex Knight.

The impetus behind creating this podcast network is not one single thing. After working on a couple of shows (with a few more in production), it made sense to have a single home for all of them. A single unified place where listeners could go to find great content.

Alex felt there was a gap that needed to be filled. The vision for Hologram Radio is to bolster and foster a variety of eclectic and niche shows, featuring a diverse group of talented voices. Alex remains on a journey to discover lesser known podcasts who have been creating great things, but haven’t necessarily struck it big with a massive audience.

There should be something for everyone on Hologram Radio. From niche shows covering 80s cartoons, technology, film, and other forms of media, interviews with interesting writers, human rights issues, and beyond.